Here we go…

Food is a basic human need. It’s the fuel that keeps our bodies healthy and able and without it we perish. That being said, there is also a beauty in sustenance that goes far beyond the preservation of our physical selves. The very idea that all humans must eat transcends all the ways in which we differ. Food is a constant that can be used to build relationships and foster opportunities for understanding.

My career in public relations focuses on building relationships. In PR the equal exchange of information and ideas is regarded as excellent communication and our tools of the trade include the written and spoken word. In thinking about some of my strongest and most valuable relationships, many of them have developed through sharing a bite or a sip. From the elementary lunch table and play date snacks to the client dinners and girls nights out of adulthood, food, the ultimate equalizer, has helped to open the channels of communication. Once opened there’s no telling what stands to be discovered about others.

I love to eat. I love to read about food, the traditions and the stories behind what we eat and why we eat it. Most of all, I love the way food has helped me explore cultures and cultivate relationships. I’m often shocked at the amazing ways even the smallest of edibles has impacted my life personally and professionally. I hope through sharing some of my greatest moments I will inspire some of you to look at food as something more than a necessity for survival. Rather, I encourage you to see food as an opportunity to develop relationships and enhance understanding of others.

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